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We are delighted to announce that our blog is up and running once again!

Recent posts include: Recent Decisions and Current Employment Cases Before the European Courts

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Equal Opportunities Review

We are very sorry to announce that after 31 years and 273 editions, Equal Opportunities Review has had to suspend publication for financial reasons. For the same reason, access to EOR Direct, our online archive, has also had to be withdrawn.

We are in discussions to see whether the title and the archive can be preserved. Further developments will be posted here.

In the meantime, the 30th edition (2017) of Discrimination: A guide to relevant case law has just been published and has been sent to all current EOR subscribers.

Copies of this unique publication, which summarises the key principles from thousands of reported discrimination cases, are available for £139 incl postage and packing. To order, use the order form on this site or email michael@rubensteinpublishing.com.

 Discrimination: A Guide to the Relevant Case Law

Published in January 2017, the 30th edition of Discrimination: A Guide to the Relevant Case Law takes into account the effect on the case law of employment discrimination cases reported during 2016.

A major purpose of this Guide is to extract from the thousands of discrimination cases decided over the years the main principles concerning employment discrimination that still can be regarded as binding authority.

Read more about this reference volume here.